Monday 21 February 2011

Banish Pre-Season Blues with Spot The Car!

Same rules as before then guys - There's a car hidden in this picture, you just have to find it and put your answer in the comments box. No prize on offer (although we're open to donations of prizes!) except a small amount of kudos.

This time it's Formula 3 at the beautiful Castle Combe circuit in Wiltshire. Looks like one of the cars has had some problems during it's race and has come to a halt. So where has it been parked?

Photo by Matt Buck on Flickr
The answer will be announced here next week... No limit to numbers of try... get on with it!


  1. C3 or D3. Obvious, innit? Hazard board, fire cover... and good old Mr Bloxham with camera at the ready by the flag point! Wherever he goes, trouble follows :)