Thursday 1 December 2011

Extreme Garaging

Ok, it's not motorsport, but we thought you'd like these extraordinary pictures of the lengths some people will go to to garage their car for the winter. Sure it's luxurious, but rather impractical to have to dismantle your car then post it through your first floor window using a crane?!

The MGB makes it's ascent to it's new first floor home, by means of a crane and a platform thingy.

This needed a specially designed frame, a hoist, a crane, a platform, Hi Vi Jackets,  and a partial dismantling of the car

What a fantastic "garage"! It's even got a chandelier. Putting the car back together and craning it in and out of the window must be somewhat inconvenient though.
Ok, we'll come clean - obviously this isn't an eccentric enthusiast garaging his pride and joy, but the last production MGB making it's entrance into it's new home in the fabulous Abingdon town hall where it'll be on display. The car was made in Abingdon, so it's quite a fitting location. Although posting it through the window is somewhat extreme...

It's all been done thanks to the sponsorship of British Car Heritage, who will supply you with nearly all the parts needed to build a completely new MGB - or a mini for that matter - who seemed justifiably proud of their achievements...

"As the only manufacturer of original-quality replacement panels and complete bodyshells for the ubiquitous MGB, we felt we were the appropriate company to help bring this challenging task to fruition for all concerned. 2012 is the 50th anniversary of this perennially popular sports car, and it's very fitting that a representative example will be proudly displayed in the town where over 500,000 were built."


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