Sunday 22 July 2012

Producer's Blog : Rumours of our demise are greatly exaggerated

Hello again, Kevin here. Well, it's been a busy time scince my last blog, and it's mostly due to Kart Force. The soldiers Travelled north to Middelsborough for their 24 hour record attempt and we followed them. This has resulted in many hours of footage to log, capture and edit. Keep watching this space for our first teaser trailer! Offline the trailer has generated lots of interest, so watch out for some news there. It's not just the Kart Force trailer that's coming up. Next week we'll have an exclusive interview with Autotest and stunt driving legend, Russ Swift. And we'll be catching up with Ali Rushforth and his team too. We're already planning our 2013 series of webshows too, and we'll have those plans ready to release properly soon. If you are already intrigued, we will have sponsorship opportunities available so if your company is interested in supporting British Motorsport by sponsoring a new way to watch it, please get in touch. Team Overdrive (the new name for M&W Productions will also be announcing new products and services for the Automotive and Motorsport industries soon too. Our web presence has taken a bit of a battering of late, in case you had thought we had disappeared. First our Facebook page disappeared (which turned out not to be a technical problem as I first thought, it was sabotage!) then to add insult to injury our access to Blogger (which makes this site work) was also interrupted. No idea why that happened, but it's back online now and all the links should point to the right places too. Webmaster Dan has one hell of a pile of Press releases to sort though too. Apologies if you haven't seen yours yet! On the note of web business, whoever it is that keeps on requesting new passwords for blogger, YouTube and twitter... Stop it! It really won't work. All you are doing is sending me yet another email to say you've done it and google and twitter are getting bored with me sending them onto their security departments. Give up now. Thank you. Right, that's it for now. I'm actually on the M25 at the moment heading for a short Holiday in Kent, typing this on my iPad. Unfortunately that apparently means no pictures. Which is a pity. TTFN Kevin P.s. of course I'm not driving!!

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