Friday 26 October 2012


This weekend was a major milestone for KartForce.
The RAFMSA, together with the support of Silver Fox Karting and South Wales Karting Centre at Llandow organised this event to raise funds for us, the RAFBF and ABF. As it was such a huge success, this will become an annual event that will be the final race of the annual Inter Services Karting Championships.
It was an excellent day – fantastic sunshine and nose-to-nose racing. We entered 2 teams and even after several enforced stops due to mechanical problems, the lads came 12th and 18th.
However, this was only part of what made this weekend so special. Ken Denscombe and Colin Lipscomb, owners of SilverFoxKarting had a surprise for us. We’ve raced against SilverFoxKarting a few times this year and they were so impressed by the lads determination and performance on the track that they decided to build us a brand new racing kart. This was supported by funds donated by Blewin Dolphin, who also entered a team and raced against us.
Many other companies contributed towards this kart so we have a long list of people to thank. Please see all the contributors on the image below.
This weekend was one we will remember for a long time. It means so much to get all this support and encouragement from so many people. The truth is, the lads don’t truly appreciate how much they’ve achieved in such a short amount of time, with very limited equipment and funding. So when we’re bombarded with all this sort of support it’s hard for to sink in that’s this is everyone’s way of showing their admiration and respect.
It’s moments like this that make us overflow with pride to be British. From all of us at KartForce, “Thank you!”

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