Saturday 9 June 2012

Some Things Happen Only Once in a Lifetime

Theatre Royal Haymarket Events are proud to announce...


One hundred years ago the Bluebird legend was born when Sir Malcolm Campbell saw Maurice Maeterlinck’s play ‘The Blue Bird’ at the Theatre Royal Haymarket, London. So inspired was he by the play’s theme of the search for happiness, that Sir Malcolm rushed out of the theatre as soon as the curtain fell, waking the local ironmonger in order to purchase the shop’s entire stock of blue paint. That night he christened his racing car ‘Blue Bird’ and with the paint still wet from the night before, he went on to fulfill his dreams and win his first race at the famous Brooklands Race Track in Surrey.

In order to celebrate one hundred years of racing supremacy, which has seen the Campbell family break over 20 world land and water speed records, the Bluebird cars and boats will come together for the very first time in history outside the Theatre Royal Haymarket, London where the legend began.

This once in a lifetime event will be made extra special by the unveiling of the Bluebird team’s latest vehicle: the Bluebird Formula E Racing Car. 100 years since Sir Malcolm won his first race, the legend continues...

This extraordinary spectacle will take place outside the Theatre Royal Haymarket between 8.00am and 10.30pm on the 12th June 2012. In addition to the free Bluebird vehicle exhibition, the general public is invited to a free talk at the theatre where at 2pm Sir Malcolm’s grandchildren Don Wales and Gina Campbell will speak about their family’s fascinating and inspiring 100 years of record breaking followed by a signing session.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to witness history in the making and help celebrate the achievements of Britain’s greatest record breaking family.?For more information, visit:

This event is made possible thanks to the support of Westminster City Council, The Ritz London, The Brooklands Museum, The Science Museum, The National Motor Museum at Beaulieu, Theatre Royal Haymarket, Mr Richard Nash, Karl Faulkes Halbard and The Campbell Trust.

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