Thursday 31 March 2011

Coming Soon : Flags and heavy Metal

Rosie brandishes the "Jaws of Life" 
It's almost here! The April Edition of Overdrive is nearly completed and features Rosemary John training with the Marshals at Pembrey circuit, and a high speed ride around Walter's Arena in Glynneath.

We had a great time at the training day at Pembrey and we're sure that you'll find the resulting film interesting. If after watching it you have an urge to don orange overalls and head for your nearest race track, here's some links for anyone who's interested in becoming a Marshal.

Please note, this list is far from exhaustive and that Overdrive can't offer anyone advice on getting started - but we can put you in touch someone who can - Drop us a line through the comment system on this page.

Finally we'd like to thank everyone at Pembrey circuit and BARC - not least the Marshals and Rescue Crew - for putting up with us filming during the day. It really is much appreciated!

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