Monday 9 April 2012

Transmission Break

Regular visitors will have noticed that things have been somewhat quiet around here lately - this is partially due to some technical difficulties we've had here at Overdrive Towers recently, but mostly down to the increased workload that has resulted from launching Overdrive Filming Services. We're just completing our first projects now, and from there we can get back on with producing the programme - which is, and always will be our main focus.

Unfortunately, that means that because I do most of the editing and manage the site, I've been letting the website slide a bit in terms of new content. We've got a huge backlog of press releases to get through now... So I thought I'd use the bank holiday to hit the big red "Reset" button, and work a bit on getting some fresh content up online. This does mean that some releases are going to get missed, for which I apologise, however from now on, it should be normal service resumed.



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