Monday 21 January 2013

Have breakfast at Goodwood - 2013 Breakfast Club Dates announced

 As it enters its eighth season, the Goodwood Breakfast Club for 2013 promises another tantalising mix of great vehicles and a hearty Goodwood organic breakfast. Often copied, but never bettered, Goodwood’s first-Sunday of-the-month events remain the original and authentic Breakfast Club, with free admission to all visitors.

The tower, The scoreboard, the old adverts... this could only be Goodwood
The Goodwood Breakfast Club is firmly established as a ‘must attend’ event for thousands of car and motorcycle connoisseurs who appreciate an enjoyable Sunday morning drive through the quiet West Sussex country roads down to Goodwood, where they are able to meet like-minded enthusiasts, admire some fabulous machinery, and eat a tasty Goodwood organic breakfast, before heading back home in time for the Sunday roast, to do a bit of gardening and DIY, or simply put their feet up and watch the Grand Prix!

For the 2013 Breakfast Club season, Goodwood will offer a range of popular themes that cater for all enthusiasts and vehicle types. As in previous years, the Breakfast Club meetings will be held on the first Sunday of the month at the historic Goodwood Motor Circuit, starting a March, with the exception of July and September, when the hugely successful Festival of Speed (11-14 July) and Goodwood Revival (13-15 September) motor sport events will be held.

The breakfast club offers an impressive array of cars to see - and good cooking!
The 2013 Breakfast Club meetings promise an eclectic mix of vehicles and a tempting breakfast menu to whet the appetite of any motoring enthusiast. Each meeting is themed to appeal to a strong petrolhead audience who own an interesting and diverse selection of motor vehicles.

The dedicated and detailed Goodwood Breakfast Club website has regular updates on each monthly theme, and visitors are encouraged to pre-register online at ( to help ensure a prime parking position with a theme-relevant vehicle. A full list of the 2013 Goodwood Breakfast Club dates and themes follows.


Date Breakfast Club Theme

03 March: Tax-Free Sunday:
Pre-1973 tax-free classics, plus modern eco-friendly vehicles, with a nod to key anniversaries, including the Centenary of the Vauxhall 30/98, 60 years of the Corvette, 50 years of the Mini Cooper S and Lotus Cortina, etc.

07 April: Sushi Sunday:
A celebration of Japanese cars, motorcycles and commercial vehicles.

05 May: Soft Top Sunday:
The best of top-down motoring in the Spring sunshine

02 June: Super Car Sunday:
The ultimate high-performance machines – cars and bikes, with a nod to 50 years of McLaren and the Porsche 911

07 July: Event not held due to the Festival of Speed

04 August: Thoroughbred Sunday:
Pre-1966 vehicles, celebrating the golden era of Goodwood Motor Circuit, with a nod to 100 years of Aston Martin

01 September: Event not held due to the Goodwood Revival build-up

06 October: Italian Sunday:
Italy’s finest cars and motorcycles, with a nod to the 50th anniversary of the exciting Lamborghini marque

All 2013 Goodwood Breakfast Club events will be staged from 08.00 to 12.00 hours on the first Sunday of the month (except July and September due to the proximity of major Goodwood motor sport events).

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