Thursday 5 January 2012

JD Classics Challenge expands it's range

A Ford Escort attacking Graham Hill Bend at Brands Hatch
Photo courtesy of Ford

Following a successful inaugural year in 2011, the JD Classics Challenge – an all-new race series for historic Touring Cars organised by Motor Racing Legends – is set to expand to cover a broader era of history, with Touring Cars from as far back as 1966 invited to take part in the 2012 races.

The JD Classics Challenge will now welcome entries from owners of Touring Cars which ran between 1966 and 1985 inclusive, as long as they comply with the correct period regs for either the BTCC (or British Saloon Car Championship, as it used to be known) or ETCC (the European Touring Car Championship).

“We have pushed the eligibility start-date back from 1972 to 1966,” said Duncan Wiltshire of Motor Racing Legends, “to bring such iconic and much-loved models as Ford Anglias and the earlier Escorts out to play – and provide an even better spectacle for race-goers.

“When we launched the JD Classics Challenge in early 2011, owners of genuine Touring Cars showed great enthusiasm for digging their eligible race cars out of the garage, and restoring them to race-ready condition – and we’re aware of even more cars being prepared this winter. But we also heard from owners of cars from a slightly earlier era, bemoaning the lack of high-calibre racing
opportunities. So we studied the racing regulations from the time, and decided to extend the eligible years back to 1966.

A Ford Anglia in action - Photo courtesy of Ford
“We’ll also consider cars complying with other National regs, on a case-by-case basis. This will help even more Touring Cars to return to the track, and enjoy our excellent calendar of one European and three UK races next year. Not only are the races enjoyed enormously by the competitors themselves, this era of Touring Car racing is hugely popular with spectators, both for its wheel-to-wheel action and because many of us remember these actual cars from their glory days.”

As well as Motor Racing Legends’ plans to extend the eligible years, the historic race organisation is increasing the number of races from two to four, with a 2012 calendar for the JD Classics Challenge as follows:

May 5th – 6th Donington Historic Festival
May 26th – 27th Brands Hatch GP Circuit
August 25th – 27th Oulton Park Gold Cup
October 18th – 21st Algarve Historic Festival

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